Mr Morocco - by Silvatra - Australian Electro Dance Pop Artist

MR MOROCCO - single

A musical dance journey to Morocco.

I'm Galactic - by Silvatra - Australian Electro Dance Pop Artist

I'M GALACTIC - album

This new album touches on themes including: the passion of an impossible love in ‘Arrested’ . ‘Bling is my Thing’ – a clubby dance track inviting the audience to indulge in ‘a little bit of bling ‘. Dance Again’ – a déjà vu moment in life captured in song. Torquay Surfer – dedicated to the surf culture of Torquay in Victoria. ‘Young Backpacker’- a ‘salute’ to all freedom loving travellers who decide to backpack around the globe. The futuristic ‘Alien’, ‘A walk in the Universe’, and the unique and atmospheric, ‘I’m Galactic’

Electric Powered - by Silvatra - Australian Electro Dance Pop Artist


A dynamic ‘electric’ love song about 'big time' love, 

which accompanies her recently released music clip on Youtube.

Silvatra Robots My Robots - Electro Dance Pop


Silvatra's first release single: Robots my Robots, tells the story of a futuristic  'Manga' inspired girl who tries to tame her ‘rogue’ Robot while also reflecting the age old question of who really is in charge, humans 

or the machines…

All artistic concepts including the Robots My Robots comic strip sequence, video clip storyboards were all designed and produced by the Silvatra creative team, (Laura, Phil and Silvatra).

This single was accompanied by her first music clip of ‘Robots My Robots’, produced in Geelong which was Silvatra’s first taste of being involved 

in a music video production as well as being her first on screen appearance. 

Silvatrasphere album - by Silvatra - Electro Dance Pop Artist


Silvatra's first release EP, a collection of fresh sounding tracks 

which also includes 'Robots My Robots' and 'Alien'.

Silvatra Australian Electro Pop Artist