ABOUT the artist


Emerging  Electro Pop artist Silvatra, is a unique  and dedicated indie artist who is introducing her own style of music to Electro Pop.

Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, arranging 
her  own music since her teens, Silvatra made her stage debut
in Geelong Australia in early 2012, publicly showcasing her music
and has been actively involved in her music career ever since.

Her focus to succeed was fuelled from a combination of her great love
of music, dance and creativity, united with a strong desire to pursue
her dreams since an early age. 

Silvatra’s  is a story of slow, steady and focused achievement
from years of  personal battles against negativity, bullying and illness.
You can’t keep a good person down and Silvatra is the embodiment of that.

With  two albums and three singles behind her, all produced by Silvatra  including ‘Silvatrasphere’ , 'Robots My Robots',, 'Electric Powered'
and  her latest ‘I’m Galactic' and 'Mr Morocco', Silvatra’s themes are  inspired by events in her life as well as by futuristic themes including  human versus machine, alien meets human, combined with creative lyrics  and standout graphics at her live performances. 

Silvatra’s creative objectives include composing new and original music that aims to uplift, empower and inspire and to ultimately give back
to those in need.